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Free Software

Free Software and Tools.

We save ourselves thousands by utilising Free tools and Software
Software companies all over the world and OpenSource make free products and tools available. The problem is nobody knows where to find them, we can show you the ones we use and how we found them.

Whatever your level of expertise.
If these products work for us, then we think they will work for you. Just like you we know what we need and were happy to use Free or OpenSource alternatives.Click on the Photo.

We use PTC's to make money

When looking to make money on the web, many go for the quick kill and fail.
Everyday Thousands of people use Pay To Click Sites. Even if you don't have downlines, over a period of time you can earn money. There are numerous site and techniques to achieving this, but we found that just plugging away every day will bring results.

Results can be amazing if you can advertise and build a downline.
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We help local SME's in our area.

There are many small to medium enterprises who do not have a web presence.
This is normally as a result of assuming that it is going to cost them the earth, for design, hosting and maintenance. We have proved this is not the case.

A Web presence is a must for any business.
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“Are you looking for assistance in these areas?.”

Local SME websites

Have you got a website?
Are you losing business because no one can find you?

Get your business listed.

Is your business on the map?
When I search for a local business will yours appear?.

Tools & Products

They need not be expensive.
Do you know where to look for cheaper or free products?.

Internet Money Makers

Do you want to earn from the Internet?.
We only list opportunities where we have made money.

“To provide objective advice, expertise and specialist skills in the areas of computing and internet, with the aim of creating value, maximising growth or improving the business performance of our clients.”

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"The Internet has given us a chance to earn cash and PTC's work. Those listed within this website are well run professional company's who have been online for years. With a methodical approach anyone can make a living online.
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